Brewing 101 - Brewing with an Aeropress

Come brew an aeropress with us!

You would need:

a) Aeropress.
b) Filter papers.
c) Scales and a Timer.
d) Thermometer.
f) Cup for the coffee to be collected in.
g) Freshly roasted coffee in the date range of 5 to 21 days after the roast date.

Method: Inverted

  1. Heat the kettle, weigh out the coffee acording to dose (___) in the recipe and insert filter paper into Aeropress lid, and use hot water to thoroughly rinse.
  2. Grind out the coffee according to the grinder numbers in the recipe.
  3. Measure the water temperature to be between 92 to 94 degrees according to recipe (___).
  4. Attach the rubber stopper with about 1cm to spare on to the base, and make sure there is no danger of slippage. Do not attach the lid or filter at this stage.
  5. Invert the Aeropress so the rubber stopper is facing upwards so you can fill the brew chamber with grounds and water.
  6. Use hot water to preheat device and then empty for the next steps.
  7. Place Aeropress on scale, tare the weight.
  8. Pour 200g of 94°C brewing water into Aeropress and start timer.
  9. Gently drop all the coffee on the top of the hot water, taking care not to spill coffee on the rim (Coffee in the rim will not allow the lid to close properly). Gently stir for 10 seconds, then add lid and steep for 2 minutes total
  10. At 2 minutes place your cup upside down on top of the Aeropress and, while gripping the cup and Aeropress brew chamber, flip so cup sits right way up on your bench with Aeropress on top ready for plunging.
  11. Plunge into your cup. Plunge should take 15-30 seconds.
  1. Plunge all the way down until you can’t anymore.
  2. After all of the liquid has dispensed, remove the cap, point the Aeropress at a bin and hammer the base to shoot the coffee puck and filter into the bin.
  3. Rinse Aeropress .
  4. Place on a saucer with a teaspoon and serve with a smile.


  • 00-30 seconds-- bloom
  • 30-45 seconds-- pour
  • 45-90 seconds-- steep
  • 90-120seconds-- plunge