the jocks behind caarabi

ajit joshi


Born and raised in Hyderabad, AJ spent  a good 12 years in Melbourne pursuing his University and then later ended up working in Melbourne. He noticed that every street had about 2 to 3 cafes and on his way to the university it almost became a ritual to take a cup of coffee and put 4 sugars in there while the barista would give him a horrifying look in the initial days. 

While studying at Uni, He was  allowed to work for a few hours a week and the job of barista seemed to be the coolest of all as they knew everyone’s orders, they knew every customer by their name and had a fair control over what they were doing. They were like Rock Stars to him!

He decided to up the ante on his then knowledge about coffee and join a third wave specialty cafe. They would open at 7 am and sell approximately 500 cups in the first 5 hours of the day. He had to unlearn and relearn a lot of things but that’s when he got familiar with scales, time and temperature and cool espresso machines. In the beginning, the idea of measuring a 1000 cups a day seemed overwhelming, but it soon became second nature. Few years later, having worked in various big third wave cafes in the Melbourne area, AJ gained significant insight and professional experience in Profile Roasting, Brewing and the sourcing of Specialty Coffee grown across the world.

After moving to India back in 2015, One day, a few of his flatmates and him were having dinner. During the conversation, one of his friends said that Indian coffee culture might never quite catch up to where Australia's was. That got him thinking, that maybe it's possible to spectate and even contribute first hand, if the change in India was just round the corner and if he could be a part of it however tiny the contribution could be. Fast forward 7 years to 2022, it has been a humbling learning curve and having consulted established names in the Indian Specialty Coffee scene, He proved his mettle by bringing third wave techniques of brewing specialty coffee and brought major changes in the way coffee was perceived in the capital. Till date, AJ loves nothing better to roast better, brew better and innovate but above all, have fun while doing it! 

Shubham | Founder

Shubham is a coffee enthusiast and entrepreneur with a passion for learning and perfecting the craft of coffee. Growing up in Delhi NCR, Shubham developed a love for coffee, constantly seeking out new blends and brewing methods to expand his knowledge.

After honing his skills, he opened his first cafe in Delhi and has since expanded to operate six cafes across the city. Shubham's entrepreneurial mindset has allowed him to take risks and try new approaches to coffee, resulting in unique and innovative offerings at his cafes. He is constantly learning and experimenting with new techniques. Shubham's dedication to quality and his customers has earned him a loyal following, and his cafes have become go-to destinations for coffee lovers in Delhi NCR. With a passion for the art of coffee and a drive to innovate, Shubham is poised to continue making an impact in the coffee industry.

vicky m. | creative director

A true innovator and entrepreneur at heart, Vicky has always had a knack for questioning/changing things and bringing paradigm shifts in every vertical he has ever worked in. After graduating college in 2015, Vicky started a turnkey restaurant consulting firm called Curature that provided boutique servicing to clientele all over India. Gaining some serious insights into projects on a much much deeper level, 5 years later, Curature had a diverse portfolio of owning, servicing and conceptualising a myriad of successful QSRs, Trendy Bars, Coffee Shops & more. 

Design is what lies at the heart of Vicky’s expertise and the nuanced vision of making it a reality. Skillful in the areas of Architecture, Interior Design, Communication Design, Photography, Styling & Editing, Vicky has always been a self taught individual and still to this day continues learning new astounding things while being adept with the constantly evolving marketplace.