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Caarabi. Ca Arabi. Arabi-Ca. Arabica. There you have it! It is essentially an anagram to the beloved species of the bean Arabica. 

It is currently the dominant cultivar grown in the world. Very often at extremely high altitudes by millions of people across the world with extreme care. Arabica was also the first coffee cultivar consumed by human beings and is now the beloved beverage for billions of humans across the planet.

idea behind
the brand

The idea to form Caarabi Coffee was quite simply to roast coffee which was satisfying to drink. Having brewed coffee in cafes, the next logical step was to inherently create a product which was in all honesty, true to the soul. With the immense support of partner farms, software, tech and most importantly, the will to roast a really good cup of coffee, Caarabi was born. 

India is right now at a time where Specialty coffee is being appreciated more by the day and we cannot be anything but thrilled to be able to add in to the conversation.

Coffee drives us immensely. It is what fuels us through the day. Nothing is more thrilling or important to us than to create a good cup/roast of coffee. Coffee is what makes it all worthwhile.

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